V-Belt Design Program


   * You must input the items below to obtain the output on the right of the page.
   * If needed, you may click on the information and help tables text. A pop-up box will show help for that item.
   * The belt length and center-to-center distances calculations are accurate only for two pulley drives.
   * Please read the notes on Belt Speed and minimum allowable Center-to-Center Distance.
   * If you get an error when you try to calculate, use the BACK Button on your browser and reenter the information and try again.

  1. Fill in the Input Item - Use the "Help Tables" if needed
  2. Click the "Calculate or Recalculate" Button at the bottom of this column
  3. Read the Output in the Box to the Right
  Input Item     Information & Help
  Belt Cross-Section *Chart - Select Cross Section
  Smaller Pulley Outside Diameter (Inches) *Stock Wedge Pulley Sizes
*Stock Classical Pulley Sizes
** NEMA Minimum Pulley
    Sizes for electric motors
  Smaller Pulley RPM   
  Larger Pulley Outside Diameter (Inches) *Stock Wedge Pulley Sizes
*Stock Classical Pulley Sizes
             Minimum C-C Distance is =  2.8  Inches
             for the two pulley diameters you selected.
  Center-to-Center Distance Desired (Inches) Adjust the Center-to-Center
for a stock length in "Output"
(Recalc after each change.)
You may change the Input entries and click recalculate as many times as you wish.
Output Items
  Belt Cross-Section is   3VX
  Belt Length (inches) =   12.280
  Nominal Belt Size to Nearest Inch  
  See  BESTORQ Stock V-Belt Sizes
  Belt speed in Feet Per Minute =   1
     NOTE: For Standard Pulleys, the Maximum
     Belt Speed Allowed is 6500 FPM
  Arc of Contact in Degrees on small pulley =   180

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